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banner-acasa“Professional training network for the public and local administration”, COD MIS ETC 2287, this project is financed by THE JOINT OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME ROMANIA-UKRAINE-REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA 2007-2013  – “COMMON BORDERS. COMMON SOLUTIONS.”

The project is implemented by the Vaslui County, with the help of the County Council, in partnership with three District-Related Councils from Moldavia: Hânceşti, Leova, Nisporeni and two other partners from Ukraine: The Reni District-Related Council, The public Organization the Agency of durable development and European integration : ”The Lower Danube European-region.”


The project’s necessities:

  • Among with the Romania’s adheration at the European Union, the posibillities of the local public authorities for investing in the social and economical development of the area have increased considerably.
  • Furthermore, due to the fact that Ukraine and Moldova are countries which have grown the cooperation level with the European Union, they have become electable to candidate for the adheration and the funds allocated to the social and economical development have increased.

In order to have access to this funds, the institutions need well prepared staff within the implementation of the project by outside financing.

The value of an administrative system consists not only in material and financial tools, but mostly in its human potential!

The opportunity of creating this project:

  1. the financing coming from the European Union through the Instrument of Vicinity of the RO-MD-UA croos-border cooperation projects;
  2. a healthy relationship between the Vaslui county and the districts from Moldova (Hâncești, Leova, Nisporeni)- over 40 mutual projects, and also with the public Organisation “The Agency of long lasting development and European integration : The European-region “The Lower Danube” from Ukraine, who has facilitated the closing of the partenships with the local authorities- The Regional County of Reni;
  3. the character of complementarity and of continuing the streamlining and modernization projects of the public administration in the Vaslui County, through which a new body of people has been instructed and certificated in the public administration, which covers all the interested domains for the partners from the three countries.

In all the countries participating at the Program, there have been identified a series of common deficiencies of the personal development system:

  • it doesn’t exist a coherent system, nor the necessary expertise for the exact identification of the necessary advancement for each public institution;
  • the quality of the predilections, of the upgrading seminars and of the conditions in which this activities thake action are many times detrimental.
  • not knowing the specific and the problems that every category of public institutions confronts with, often leads to a lack of efficiency of the formatting programs.
This projects desires the creation of a trained group of people, into the desired domains of the public and local administration, which can provide, with minimum costs, professional training of the public and of the local authoritie’s staff in the area.

  • România-Ucraina-Republica-Moldova
  • Uniunea Europeana
  • Consiliul judeţean Vaslui
  • Consiliul raional Leova
  • Consiliul raional Nisporeni
  • Consiliul raional Hancesti
  • Consiliul raional Reni
  • Agenția de Dezvoltare Durabilă și Integrare Europeană  Euroregiunea Dunărea de Jos