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The general goal of the project

The melioration of the economical, social and environmental situation of the cross-border area, by increasing the effecacity and the performance of the local public administration.

Specific goals:

1.The creation of a professional training network for the public servants within the local and public administration, in the cross-border area.;

The bases for creating the professional training networking will be:

  • The training piches in mentoral system, within the framework of creating a collaborative relationship between the trainers and the future trained body. Mutual training supports will also be created ( manuals, syllabuses),
  • A web platform of cooperation between partners in the professional forming domain and in any other domain of interest for the public administration.

2. The improvement of the professional forming level, for a number of 421 public servants in: The Vaslui county , the Hancesti, Leova, Nisiporeni districts in Moldova and the Reni district in Ukraine;

During the project, training programmes (6 types of courses) will be taking place, programmes which will contain a final number of 421 participants.
The themes of the training programmes have been chosen depending on the instruction needs from the parteners’ level and on the public local administration institutions from the cross-border area.

3. The creation of 5 training centers for the public and local administration in the cross-bordered area.

At the level of each partener, there will be created a professional training centre which will be able to provide training for the local and public administration authorities in the area. Each training center in the project will benefit of a well-equiped training place, in order to have favourable conditions for operating the courses. Within the project there will be 4 training places.

The target group is represented by the office holder within the local public authorities, located in the cross-border of the Vaslui-Hancesti-leova-Nisporeni-Reni area.

  • România-Ucraina-Republica-Moldova
  • Uniunea Europeana
  • Consiliul judeţean Vaslui
  • Consiliul raional Leova
  • Consiliul raional Nisporeni
  • Consiliul raional Hancesti
  • Consiliul raional Reni
  • Agenția de Dezvoltare Durabilă și Integrare Europeană  Euroregiunea Dunărea de Jos